5 Best Baseball Balls 2018

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5 best baseball balls 2017

5 Best Baseball Balls 2018

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One of the best things you want when you start playing baseball is to figure out which are the Best Baseball Balls 2018. The reason is simple; you do need to purchase quality balls that will last for a long time. That’s especially true if you are a newcomer to the industry and want to do all you can in order to play adequately and access the best possible results. There will be some obvious challenges here, so try to keep that in mind, and the experience on its own can be very impressive.

The right ball for the right game

At the end of the day, quality is what matters the most in this situation. You can rest assured that the value on it’s own can be second to none each time you use them. Because the Best Baseball Balls 2018 are designed to be very durable first and foremost. The quality that you obtain in the end is downright incredible, and the outcome is definitely among some of the very best out there. There will be a few challenges to be had all the time, true.
But once you purchase the Best Baseball Balls 2018, you will see that the quality they deliver is very good. Plus, you are free to choose between multiple models that suit your needs.

You could be a kid for as long as you want when you play baseball.Cal Ripken Jr.

This list is made for the best baseball balls 2018, which can be used for training purposes or the pro league.

Buying Guide – Baseball Balls

  • Type of balls

    We usually just differentiate balls that are used for practice purposes, and the balls that are used in league games.

  • Main difference

    The practice balls often have a reduced impact for a smoother training, in order to decrease injuries. While pro league balls, have the standard weight, and size.

For your information

Keep in mind that this list has been created to show multiple baseball balls that have been ranked very high for training or pro league. This ranking is based on their quality, their reputation, customer reviews and our own insight of the sport itself mixed with many opinions to forge list.

5 Best Baseball Balls 2018

#5 Rawlings RLLB1 Little League Competition Grade Baseballs

Rawlings RLLB1 is a very good product, and the fact that you have a collection of 12 baseball balls is definitely helpful in this situation. All of them are made out of leather. This provides you with the quality and resilience that you may want from this type of product whenever you want. The cover is also extremely durable and that can definitely work to your advantage in the end. It’s an incredible opportunity and one that will give you the value you want.

These balls are very good for any newcomer and professional alike. They will last for quite a lot of time, and the experience that you get from them can indeed be second to none for sure. It’s also important to note that the 12-ball package is priced at a very low amount for the value that you get.

This means you will not have to pay a lot of money for acquiring some of the best baseball balls 2018. Definitely helpful and you get to have a very good value this way too, which is amazing!


• A dozen for a good price
• Made out of leather
• Rawlings quality


• None!

Overall Rating

Rawlings RLLB1 Little League Competition Grade Baseballs


#4 SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs

This is a less expensive package, but then again it’s just a package of 2 baseball balls. The idea here is that these are no ordinary balls. They are designed to help you boost your game experience, and the experience that you get from using them is like no other.

They are designed to have a reduced impact. The cushioned construction and the soft look shows the true quality and value delivered here. It certainly shines, and the value can be second to none because of that. Plus, you have a true resistance to impact. They are focused on safety, and even if they are thrown towards a person, they will not hurt that much.

This is very important because these are some of the best baseball balls 2018 if you want to focus on training safety. There will always be some obvious challenges, but your primary concern is your own wellbeing. Thankfully, this will help you a lot, and that’s what you want to have in the end.


• Two balls for the price of one
• Reduced impact for safety
• Same size as standard balls


• Does not lead to a 100% true league game feeling

Overall Rating

SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs


#3 PACKGOUT SOFT BASEBALLS(6pk/8pk/12pk) for Children

Just like the name of this product suggests, it’s a package of balls designed specifically for teenage players. However, it can work for any player. It’s particularly good for people that don’t have a lot of experience with this type of game. The quality is there, and the experience is very rewarding because of that. You have to realize that the outcome is indeed overwhelming, all you have to do is to check this out, and you will not be disappointed. Plus, these work great with pitching machines too.

The simple fact that you can use a pitching machine with them is great, and the experience as a whole is quite impressive because of that. The balls are also very durable too. You can use them as many times as you want without any scratches. The quality is incredible, and you can easily get them at the standard size to get the results you want. Despite that, these are some of the best baseball balls 2018 has to offer.


• Safety balls for training with beginners
• Work with a pitching machine
• Reduced impact
• Standard size


• The kids can’t get enoug of em’!

Overall Rating

PACKGOUT SOFT BASEBALLS(6pk/8pk/12pk) for Children


#2 Wilson A1217 Soft Compression Baseball

Wilson is a company well known for offering this type of products. Thankfully, they deliver big time here. They look very well, and they are cushioned too, which is quite incredible in its right. It’s one of the best types of baseball practice balls that you can find on the market. You will see that there are lots and lots of opportunities to be had if you start using this product. All you have to do is to check this out, and the outcome can be quite rewarding in the end, that’s for sure.

Of course, the full grain leather cover is what makes the experience worth it here. The simple fact that there is so much value for your money does show the true quality that you can receive in the end. Plus, the entire experience is amazing because you have a set of balls suitable for both professional users and newcomers as well.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to you to figure out which is the right product to suit your needs. One thing is certain though, these best baseball balls 2018 are some of the highest quality ones that you can find on the market.


• Full Grain Leather Cover
• Red Cushioned Cork Center
• Professional Wilson Quality Baseball
• 12-Pack


• Absolutely none!

Overall Rating

Wilson A1217 Soft Compression Baseball

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As we mentioned many different baseball balls and their purpose for improved training. There is one ball that fits the ones who can’t hold their bats still for a second. And this ball is therefore crowned our #1 of the Best Baseball Balls 2018.

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