Middle and high school bat regulations

Middle and high school baseball is a great time in every player’s life. Sadly the middle and high school bat regulations are pretty confusing and there are some major things you need to pay attention to. This is why I wrote this blogpost in order to help you navigate the jungle of rules and I […]

11 unwritten rules of baseball

Unwritten rules are everywhere in our society. It does not matter if they apply to situations in our everyday life or to situations in sports. Every well behaved man knows, that you hold open a door for a girl (if you don’t do this, start with it now!). There are serious unwritten rules like in […]

13 baseball rules you did not know existed

Baseball has nearly an infinite amount of rules. Some of them are self-explanatory, while others are mostly unknown and just make no sense at all. Check out the following rules and let me know, if you have heard of them before in the comments. If the home team takes the lead in the bottom of […]