What your baseball glove says about you

Stereotypes are a special topic. Nobody really likes them, nevertheless they are true more often than not and can be a lot of fun. Be it stereotypes about nationalities, genders, relationships or whatever you can think of. Baseball is not free of stereotypes either. Let’s have some fun and have a look at what your […]

How do I dye my baseball glove?

How do I dye my baseball glove is a question I get asked quite often. I will tell you how to dye your baseball glove in this post, but first let me make a bold statement:  Sure, they are just another piece of equipment that is meant to be used, but somehow a baseball glove […]

Best baseball bats 2020

Baseball involves a lot of different pieces of equipment. You need gloves, helmets, balls and much more. But the most iconic piece of equipment is of course the baseball bat. Baseball bats are so famous, that they play a role in every zombie movie there is. Pretty cool huh? This post will show you the […]

What is bat juicing?

You have probably heard the word “juicing” when people talk about sports. It is a huge thing in bodybuilding or athletics and probably every other sport, even though we might not hear about it often.  As you might have guessed, “juicing” is slang for taking illegal substances to increase an athlete’s performance. There are millions […]

Can I take my bat on a plane?

You know the feeling. You are planning a great summer vacation and you want to fly somewhere sunny. You are not the kind of person that can relax at the pool for a whole week, so you are planning to take you baseball equipment with you, to get some swings in. The season is running […]

Middle and high school bat regulations

Middle and high school baseball is a great time in every player’s life. Sadly the middle and high school bat regulations are pretty confusing and there are some major things you need to pay attention to. This is why I wrote this blogpost in order to help you navigate the jungle of rules and I […]