What is bat juicing?

You have probably heard the word “juicing” when people talk about sports. It is a huge thing in bodybuilding or athletics and probably every other sport, even though we might not hear about it often.  As you might have guessed, “juicing” is slang for taking illegal substances to increase an athlete’s performance. There are millions […]

The ultimate guide to baseball drinking games

Baseball is pretty cool. Being drunk is pretty much fun as well. So why not combine these two amazing experiences and play some baseball drinking games? Buy some booze, get together with friends, switch on ESPN and let the fun begin with some baseball drinking games. But please drink responsibly! This post will show you […]

All the reasons why baseball players earn so much money

Time for a guessing game. Out of the 20 highest paid sports contracts in terms of contract value, where does baseball players salary rank? What do you think? Maybe 15%? I mean football players also earn a lot of money. And let’s not forget basketball. LeBron signed a $153 million deal with the LA Lakers […]