Stereotypes are a special topic. Nobody really likes them, nevertheless they are true more often than not and can be a lot of fun. Be it stereotypes about nationalities, genders, relationships or whatever you can think of. Baseball is not free of stereotypes either. Let’s have some fun and have a look at what your baseball glove says about you. 

Warning: This post is meant to be fun. So don’t feel offended. If you do…. Well that is your problem. 

First Baseman’s Mitt

You are the big boy here. You are most likely the biggest guy on the team and let me guess…. You hit dingers and you bat third. 

“Okay that is impressive, but can you guess what brand I am using? I bet you cannot.”

WRONG. Of course I can. Here you go: You probably use a Rawlings glove, or a Nike glove. Maybe you also use a Mizuno, but honestly, I do not want to name too many brands, otherwise it would be too easy for me. 

Now comes the fun part: What number are you wearing. Well… that is a bit tricky. I am guessing number five to twenty. If your number is higher than twenty, I am sorry for you boy, but you should change your position. First Base and a number higher than twenty just does not work out. Trust me. 

Second Base Glove

What your baseball glove says about you if you play second base… let’s start with the basic stuff. 

Man you got small hands. No lie. I am not joking. Most likely your hands have not grown bigger in size since you turned 8. There is a reason why the second baseman normally has the smallest glove on the team. But hey, it also has advantages. Which ones you ask? Well a smaller glove gives you higher maneuverability, which makes you the perfect player for double or even triple plays. Awesome!

So what else do your small hands and your position tell me about you? Well you are most likely the smallest guy on the team. To make up for this, you are super fast. Like crazy super fast. Like super crazy super duper… well you get it. You are fast. And you are great at defense. 

Shortstop Glove

It is also known as the coach’s kid position or the I’m actually good at baseball and coach knows to put me here position. The shortstop glove is typically the same style as a second base glove; however, it’s a little bit longer to increase your fielding range, because at shortstop you are required to get more field covered and be better at defense.  So what does that mean? Yeah exactly. You are a monster at defense. 

You probably have a sick Wilson A2K or some other high-end glove. Why is that? Well either your dad is your coach and you just get the best equipment, or you are actually decent at the game and you know that a good glove is worth the price. 

What your baseball glove says about you regarding the batting line up you ask? Again it depends if your dad is the coach or not. If you are the coach’s kid and your dad knows what he is doing, you are probably batting last. If you are actually decent at the game, you most likely bat three-hole. 

Third Baseman’s Glove

Your glove is most likely similar to the shortstop glove, as you are also really relevant to the team’s defense. You are most likely also a pretty good defensive player, so congrats for that. 

If you know what you are doing, you are playing a high-end Wilson glove like an A2K. If you are rocking a Nike glove on the other hand, this basically screams that you do not know what you are doing. 

“Yeah okay. But where do I bat? You can’t know, can you?” Yes, I can. And I will tell you. You probably bat between four and six. Maybe, but it is very unlikely, you bat third. 

Outfielder’s Glove

If you are an outfielder, your glove will typically be larger than other players’ gloves on the field. As an outfielder, you are supposed to track down fly balls, so the longer glove will increase your range. Moreover, the glove will also have a deep pocket to prevent fly balls from popping out of it. A longer glove will help you snag balls that are close to flying over the wall. Outfielders tend to prefer a closed web design between the thumb and fingers because as I said earlier, they are more interested in retrieving the ball than on a quick catch and release. 

But what does your baseball glove say about you? Honestly, not much. Just remember: If you are the center fielder, you run shit. If you are not the center fielder. Well. You do not run shit. 

Catcher’s Mitt

Last but definitely not least: The catcher’s mitt. If you play as a catcher, you need a special catcher’s mitt. Some people also call it a catcher’s glove. But, it is different from other gloves because it is designed to make you, as a catcher, easily catch the fast coming baseballs without any problem. This is because the pitcher is basically trying to kill you with every single pitch. So you need to be ready and you have to be able to catch every kind of pitch. 

The catcher’s mitt shows dominance on the field. It is big, durable, strong and just shows that you are not afraid of the pitcher. You are basically the quarterback of baseball. 

And where do you bat you ask? Seventh. If you do not, you soon will. Trust me. Catchers bat seventh. 

What your baseball glove says about you stereotypes are always fun, but not necessarily true. Leave a comment and let me know if I got your position right! 

Get home safe,