Everybody loves music. I bet you have this one song, that takes you back to a special moment in your life. Music makes us feel things that words cannot express. Maybe you find it in this list of walk up songs for baseball.

Ever wanted to feel like a superhero? Just play the right song.

Are you in a bad mood? Change that by playing the right song.

Are you about to walk onto the baseball field and you need a great song to be played, while you run out there? You want to intimidate the other team or get the crowd going? I have got you covered. Check the following list and I bet you will find an awesome walk up song for baseball!

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Intimidate the other team by using these songs

Song: Jungle

Artist:X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons

Published: 2015

Comment: You absolutely have to play this song from the beginning! Trust me.

Song: Sex on fire

Artist: Kings of Leon

Published: 2008

Comment: Start around 30 seconds and turn up the volume, otherwise this song does not work.

Song: Hello Zepp

Artist: Charlie Clouser

Published: 2013

Comment: Maybe this song gives you a metal arm so you can throw faster. I don’t know. But I would piss my pants, if someone walked up the field while this song was played.

Song: Rest in peace

Artist: Jim Johnston

Published: 2011

Comment: There is a reason why the WWE superstar “The Undertaker” used this song.

Song: If I had a heart

Artist: Fever Ray

Published: 2009

Comment: If you think this is not intimidating, just watch “Vikings” and then think again.

Song: The purge announcement (Trap Remix)

Artist: Trap Music Now

Published: 2017

Comment: Start with the announcement, but walk out when the siren starts (at 26 seconds). Good thing the purge isn’t real, but the game might feel like slaughter for the other team.

Song: All the way up ft. French Montana, Infrared

Artist: Fat Joe, Remy Ma

Published: 2016

Comment: Try to get a fur coat as Remy Ma wears it in the video, if you chose this song.

Song: Run This Town

Artist: Jay_z (ft. Kanye West & Rihanna)

Published: 2009

Comment: This songs starts of with a bang. Try to get the thunder storm sounds timed with your entrance to the field. The crows are pretty scary as well!

Song: ‘Till I Collapse

Artist: Eminem

Published: 2002

Comment: Of course Eminem cannot be missing in this list. I hope you won’t collapse on the field, but playing this song shows your opponent that you are willing to go all in if necessary.

Song: Enter Sandman

Artist: Metallica

Published: 1991

Comment: There is nothing much to say about this song. It will make the opponents pi*s their pants. Trust me. I witnessed it.


Artist: Kayne West

Published: 2010

Comment: You feel 10x more powerful after playing this song. At least this is was many scientists say.

Song: Here Comes The Boom

Artist: Nelly

Published: 2005

Comment: This songs works best if you are a power hitter. If not, it is still cool though!

Get the crowd going immediately – use these songs to instantly get support from the people watching

Song: Don’t stop the party ft. TJR

Artist: Pitbull

Published: 2012

Comment: Start at 19 seconds, as this is where the fun begins.

Song: Jump Around

Artist: House of Pain

Published: 1992

Comment: begin at 25 seconds, so you have an epic start of your walk on and then everybody will go crazy after five seconds.

Song: Seven Nation Army

Artist: The White Stripes

Published: 2004

Comment: This song could also be in the evergreen category… give yourself and the crowd at least 90 seconds time to enjoy this piece of art.

Song: YMCA

Artist: Village People

Published: 1978

Comment: Again a song that also belongs in the evergreen category as well. But whatever, everybody will feel the urge to sing along, so it also gets the crowd going.

Song: Give it up

Artist: KC and the Sunshine band

Published: 1982

Comment: It is probably best if you start dancing and jumping to this song.

Song: Waka Waka

Artist: Shakira

Published: 2010

Comment: Brings back a lot of memories of Vuvuzelas…. is anybody still using them?

Start at 10 seconds for a dope entrance onto the field.

Song: The boys are back in town

Artist: Thin Lizzy

Published: 1976

Comment: Have your whole team walk up with this song. Works best after a winning streak.

Song: Hey Baby

Artist: DJ Ötzi

Published: 2000

Comment: Probably better suited for an Après Ski party, but also works in a baseball stadium. Start at second 15.

Song: I gotta Feeling

Artist: Black Eyed Peas

Published: 2009

Comment: Even my grandma knows this song and she defo gets a feeling while listening to it.

Song: Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

Artist: LMFAO

Published: 2011

Comment: More than one billion views on Youtube speak for themselves. Shuffle onto the field, and you have won the crowd’s heart.

Song: Fireball ft. John Ryan

Artist: Pitbull

Published: 2014

Comment: It would be so cool to play this song, before you pitch. Turns your fastball into a fireball, if you use the refrain starting at 27 seconds.

Song: My House (Jack Dyer Bootleg)

Artist: Flo Rida

Published: 2016

Comment: There is also a non-remix version of course, but feel the bass in this. Will probably knock out your opponents.

Song: No Beef

Artist: Afrojack & Steve Aoki ft. Miss Palmer

Published: 2012

Comment: IMO the best idea is to start this song at 3 mins and 45 seconds, so you have a small build up and nice party vibes pretty fast.

Song: Thunder

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Published: 2017

Comment: You will bring the thunder to the field after this song. GUARANTEED! Start at 45 seconds and go onto the field immediately.

Song: Say My Name

Artist: David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin

Published: 2018

Comment: Everybody loves some good David Guetta vibes. This song will get the crowd fired up. It will get your team fired up. It might even get the ref fired up.

Song: I Like It

Artist: Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

Published: 2018

Comment: Great songs to enjoy yourself to. Just breathe in the air of a big baseball field when you walk onto it while this song plays. Especially the beginning guarantees good vibes.

Song: Welcome To The Party

Artist: Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump ft. Zhavia Ward

Published: 2018

Comment: The name says it all. The video features Deadpool. How cool is that?!

Song: Let Me Live

Artist: Rudimental & Major Lazer (ft. Anne-Marie & Mr. Eazi)

Published: 2018

Comment: ” I am the one, I rule my world, nobody rule my destiny.” Anne-Marie is so right here.

Evergreens – These songs are known by everybody

Song: Eye of the tiger

Artist: Survivor

Published: 1982

Comment: start from the beginning and everybody will get the feels and have the first player go out on the field at nine seconds.

Song: I’ve got the power

Artist: Snap

Published: 1990

Comment: after you have played this songs for your walk on, expect to hit double the amount of home runs you would normally hit, start at second nine.

Song: Simply the best

Artist: Tina Turner

Published: 1989

Comment: I think the name speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Start at 56 seconds, to have everybody realize the song, before the best part comes on.

Song: Can’t stop

Artist:  Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Published: 2002

Comment: Use till 33 seconds, when the vocals start. I like the instrumental part best.

Song: Viva La Vida

Artist: Coldplay

Published: 2008

Comment: Coldplay is always an option.

Song: Pokémon Theme song

Artist: John Siegler and John Loeffler

Published: 1999

Comment: Everybody loves Pokèmon. If you use the first 30 seconds, the lyrics and also be perfectly applicable to baseball.

Feel like a badass – you do not need a batman costume to feel like the dark knight

Song: Batman the Dark Knight theme

Artist: Hans Zimmer

Published: 2008

Comment: Everybody knows Batman is the coolest superhero badass. This soundtrack makes you batman for a few seconds. Start at 41 seconds for full epicness.

Song: Main theme

Artist: Game of Thrones

Published: 2011

Comment: Feel like Jon Snow battling the White Walkers while listening to this song. Anybody hyped for the last season?

Song: Star Wars theme

Artist: 1977

Published: John Williams

Comment: Do you see the UFOs flying above your head? This song could turn your bat into a lightsaber.

Song: Imperial March – Star Wars

Artist: MrSolidSnake745

Published: 2012

Comment: Play this right from the beginning. Might give you powers to choke the umpire for wrong calls, without touching him.

Song: Let it rock ft. Lil Wayne

Artist: Kevin Rudolf

Published: 2008

Comment: Especially the beginning does the job for me. Turn up the volume here.

Song: Human

Artist: Rag’n’Bone Man

Published: 2016

Comment: Use the first 15 seconds for instrumental music porn.

Time for goosebumps – nothing more to say here

Song: The circle of Life

Artist: The Lion King

Published: 1994

Comment: there is literally nothing I can say here. Just enjoy this song. Even the other team will enjoy your walk up with this song.

Song: Time (Inception)

Artist: Hans Zimmer

Published: 2010

Comment: You can start this song anywhere. It really does not matter. It is just 100% epic. Got the chills after listening to it on Youtube for this list.

Song: 300 Violin Orchestra

Artist: Jorge Quintero

Published: 2008

Comment: Can also be used as warm up music, as this is some motivating stuff.

Song: Too close

Artist: Alex Clare

Published: 2011

Comment: Honestly, the beginning is just sooooo sick! Could also fit into the badass-category.


Song: Epic Sax Guy

Artist: Serghei Stepanov

Published: 2010

Comment: Everybody loves him. This guy is cult. 90 seconds of pure fun. Start this Baseball Walk Up Song at 40 seconds.

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