Baseball is pretty cool. Being drunk is pretty much fun as well. So why not combine these two amazing experiences and play some baseball drinking games? Buy some booze, get together with friends, switch on ESPN and let the fun begin with some baseball drinking games. But please drink responsibly!

This post will show you some of the best ways to make a boring, nine innings long baseball game fun again by teaching you how to get drunk properly.

Let the fun begin!

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The official baseball drinking game

There are literally millions of ways to get drunk while watching baseball. There are lots of different baseball drinking games, but there is also one official baseball drinking game. It is a combination of Beer Pong and Flip Cup. Why this is the official one I have no idea as you do not even have to watch a baseball game to play this, but I can guarantee you being drunk afterwards and having a good time.

For this game you need:

  • 14 red cups (because every cool drinking game has them)
  • A Ping Pong ball
  • Some sort of table (If you have a Beer Pong table, better get your liver checked as you most likely are waaaay too good at drinking games…)
  • Beer
  • 8 people (this is the optimal case. You can also play with two people, but that will involve some puking I bet).

Place the table somewhere where you can move around so you have access to all four sides of the table. Set up the red cups like this:

A picture showing how to set up the cups on the table for the official baseball drinking game.

It is important to space out the cups at the long sides of the table, as these cups need to be flipped. These are the “base cups”.

The cups that are placed in a straight line and at the short side of the table are the “at bat cups”.

How to fill the cups:

This is pretty easy.

All “base cups” need to be filled at ⅓ .

The Home Run cups have to filled 100%, the Triple cup 75%, the Double cup 50% and the Single cup 25%.


The rules of this game are similar to the boring baseball, where no alcohol is involved. This fun baseball is also played over nine innings.

Line Up:

One team is at bat, while the other team is playing defense. The player batting tries to throw the Ping Pong ball into a cup in front of him, representing bases. For the team playing defense, you have one player at each base. If you play with less than eight players, one player has to cover more than one base.

The fourth person is the catcher, who stands at the short side of the table. This is important, as every ball that bounces off a cup and is caught by the catcher is an out for the team at bat. Exactly as with actual baseball, the roles switch once the team at bat has three outs.

Ways to get an out:

Apart from the one option stated above, when the catcher catches a ball that bounced off a cup, there are two more ways the team at bat can get an out. Each time the batter does not hit one of the base cups, he gets a strike. Once a batter has three strikes, he is out.

The last way to get an out is by losing at stealing. This I will cover in the stealing bases part.

At bat:

As you probably already guessed, the player batting tries to throw the Ping Pong ball into one of the base cups of the opposing team. If the batter manages to do so, the other team has to drink the corresponding cup and all cups below it. So if you hit a Home Run, your opponents need to drink all base cups (and of course refill them afterwards). After the batter has hit a cup, he becomes a baserunner.


After the batter has hit a cup, he runs to the base cup, corresponding with his throw. So if you hit a double, you go to second base. If you hit a Triple, you go to third base and so on.

As a baserunner you can advance in two ways. The first way is by your teammate also making a successful bat. Let’s say you are at second base and your friend hits a single. That means he moves to first base and you move to third base.

The second way to advance is by stealing bases.

Stealing bases:

This is the second way a baserunner can get bases. Stealing a base is actually a game of Flip Cup. For this you have to drink your cup, then balance it on the edge of the table face up and flip it, so it lands face down on the table. If the baserunner achieves this first, he can advance a base. If the field player wins, the baserunner is caught stealing and is out.

There you have it. This is the official baseball drinking game.

Make baseball on TV more fun with these rules

Of course there are also multiple ways you can get wasted by watching a baseball game on TV. There is also an endless amount of rules you can play by and you can get really creative with them. Let me show you some of the best rules I know.

General rules:

  • Everybody has to choose a team of course.
  • Everybody also has to choose a star-player. This is important for the following rules.

Getting dizzy

Someone pouring beer into a full glass of beer. Shows how to get ready for the best baseball drinking games.

Let’s start slow and easy with some very simple rules. Most of them lead to the people who chose the team at bat to drink more than the other guys. So this equals one half of an inning of drinking, one half of an inning to recover.

  1. Whenever one team scores, everybody who chose the other team has to take a sip.
  2. Whenever your star-player gets on base, everybody who did not choose him as well has to take a sip. But if he does not get on base, you have to take a sip.
  3. If your star-player strikes out, you have to take three sips. Three strikes equals three sips.
  4. Whenever a player of your team strikes out, everybody who chose that team has to take a sip.
  5. Whenever the pitcher of your team throws a ball, you have to take a sip.
  6. Everytime there is a Home Run, everybody has to slam their beer. It does not matter which team hits the Home Run. Good thing Home Runs, do not happen too often, otherwise this rule makes the game ugly.
  7. The Beer bunt: If the batter bunts the pitch, the first one to shout “beer bunt” is allowed to choose a person of his liking to down the rest of their beer.

Honestly, if you only play by these rules you will already drink quite some beer and enjoy some dizziness. It will be a nice and relaxed evening with some friends, beer and baseball.

But you can totally take it up a notch. Let’s add some extra rules to increase Budweiser’s profits and make baseball drinking games more fun!

The world starts to turn

A lot of people happily drinking cocktails.
  1. Everytime a player is in the bathroom during an event that would lead to this person taking a sip, he has to take two sips. Pro tip: Do not go to the bathroom when your star-player is at bat… missing a strike-out costs you six sips, which will cause you to run to the bathroom again immediately.
  2. Take two sips everytime the mascot is on camera.
  3. If a player on your team hits a foul ball, take two sips.
  4. Everybody has to finish their beer if the infield-fly rule is applied by the umpire.
  5. Take one sip if the opposing team scores a run or manages to tag out one of your team’s players.

Now if these rules are still not enough for you and you want to have a serious hangover the morning after the game, you can add the following rules to the baseball drinking games. The events for these rules to apply are highly unlikely, but if they happen… I hope you like the taste of your beer.

Blackout (finish your beer everytime one of these events happens)

A man lying on a bar, totally exhausted with a bottle of vodka in one hand. Watch out that this is not you after playing the best baseball drinking games.
  1. A player on the other team does a dramatic bat flip also known as pimping.
  2. The opposing team hits two Home Runs in a row.
  3. The opposing team his a Grand Slam.
  4. Whenever an unwritten rule of baseball is broken.

I have to admit, unwritten rules of baseball are broken regularly… so really think about if you want to apply this rule. Given that you are most likely already drunk when thinking about it, you will think it is a great idea, but trust me…. in most cases it is not such a good idea.

These rules are of course not set in stone. Feel free to change them in any way you like and also feel free to add any rules you can think of (and please comment them, so other people can also enjoy them).

Get home safe,


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