Everybody knows that the spot you have in the batting line up says a lot about your skills as a batter. Power players have different spots than player who excel at fielding.

The batting line up has a lot to do with strategy. Who does the coach place first? Does he place the best hitter fourth in order to hopefully get a grand slam? Maybe the coach also places the best hitters last in order to have a few “safe runs”.

As you can see, there is a lot of strategy involved in the batting line up.

But what exactly does your position in the batting line up say about you? Continue reading to find out!

Disclaimer: This post is by no means meant in a serious way. It is just for fun. Every player is important for the team’s success, so please do not feel offended.

You are the leadoff hitter:

Congrats. You are most likely a pretty consistent player. The leadoff position is reserved for fast players, that consistently get on base. You are by no means the best hitter on the team, but you make up for your average hitting skills with your consistency. That is a great thing, as it immediately puts pressure on the other team. Keep perfecting your hitting skills and you will become an even more important member of the team.

The text above describes the most logical type of leadoff hitter.

It might also be, that your coach does not know what he is doing and you are a power hitter that hits home runs all the time. Nevertheless your coach places you as leadoff. Seriously. For what frickin’ reason would you do it. It makes no sense at all. If this is the case, talk to your coach and maybe even take over his job. Power hitters are not supposed to be leadoff….

You are the secondary hitter:

Weeeeell.. Sorry to break it to you, but nobody really cares about you… You are not good enough to bat leadoff, because you lack consistency. You also lack power, which is why you are not batting third. Nobody on your team would ever directly tell you that, but your batting position does not lie.

It is your job to advance the leadoff hitter at least one base. How you do that is irrelevant. It might mean that you have to sacrifice yourself.

You are three-hole:

You are a badass and know for “keeping the inning alive”. You are not the most powerful hitter on the team, but you are definitely up there.

You moreover don’t hit singles. You immediately go to second base. Not just in baseball, but in every situation in life. *wink*

You are in charge of bringing in the first runs. So do not let your team down. The coach is counting on you.

You are the cleanup hitter:

As the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, you are the powerhouse of the team. No joke, you have a massive swing and if you hit the ball, your team most likely scores some runs. Next to the three-hole, you are the other leader of the team and you run the game on offense.

You have the ability to extend an inning with your insane batting average and your crazy power.

Moreover you probably have a McDonalds Gold membership card, as you need to get all that power from somewhere…

You are five-hole:

Sweet man. You are the most mediocre player on the team. You are too bad to play at any on the first four positions. At the same time you are too good to play at the end of the line up. That leaves you at five-hole, which is basically the average of all players.

Except for, it isn’t. There might be chance that you have a lot of power. But your hitting abilities are far inferior to those of third and fourth.

But hey, don’t worry. You might also be referred to the better secondary hitter. It is like you are his big brother and you can at least kick the sh** out of him. Finally something positive for your ego.

You are the sixth hitter:

Yaaay. You start the second half of the line-up. The half nobody cares about and the coach does not trust at all.

Basically making you bat sixth is the coach’s way of telling you, that you have some power and you can score some runs, but he does not trust you to do so.

So maybe take a few weeks off and watch some YT videos on how to properly hit a baseball, as batting sixth is definitely no fun at all.

You are seven-hole:

Perfect spot. And congratulations. You are the third best worst player on the team, if that makes sense.

Just make sure you understand, that your coach only likes you for your defensive abilities. If he had the chance, he would not waste a spot in the batting order on you.

You are the eighth hitter:

There is literally nothing I can say about this position. Nobody cares. Once you go up to home plate, the inning is most likely over already and the coach does not expect any more runs for the team.

You are nine-hole:

There are a million ways to make you look cooler that you actually are. You can be called something like “secondary leadoff” and bla bla bla.

To be honest you are just the worst hitter on the team. There is nothing more to say to that sadly. You should totally get back to the basics and work on your swing. Then maybe one day you manage to bat eighth, which is slightly better, but still shi*.

There you have a thorough analysis of what your spot in the batting line up says about your abilities as a hitter and your importance to the team on offense.

Get home safe,