Quality baseball batting trainers 2017 can actually be extremely useful if you are trying to work on your hitting skills. Batting trainers are tools that can be used for hitting practise without the need for a pitcher, large scale cage or other types of professional equipment. It makes life easier for you and will help you tremendously.

What are batting trainers?

A batting trainer is a device that comes in various forms helping you to increase your consistency, range and confidence. The Best Baseball Batting Trainers 2017 aim to do exactly that.

Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is.

– Bob Feller

Almost every MLB player has used a batting trainer to practice and get better! However, buying the best batting trainer that fits your needs can be difficult, so here is our list to help you make the right buying decision! Get the Best Baseball Batting Trainers 2017 for you!

Buying Guide – Types of Baseball Batting Trainers 2017

Type of batting trainers: There are different types of batting trainers which change the specific training, price and moveability of the batting trainer.

Stick Batting Trainer: A training stick helps with hand eye coordination, high and low balls and is affordable.

Stationary Batting Trainer: With this trainer you do not need a second person to hold anything at all. You can use it on your own. These batting trainers also come with an integrated throwing motion, which makes it more realistic than the stick batting trainers. Definitely an upgrade.

Pitching Machine: Basically the holy grail of batting trainers. Pitching machines are the most realistic batting trainers and mimic the throw of a real pitcher. This of course also produces the best training effect. They are affordable but a bit more expensive than the types mentioned above. But it is worth it, trust me.

Electronic Swing Analyzers: This works similar to a sensor and has a different approach to improving your swing. It attaches to the top of your bat and gathers data about your swing. You need somebody to pitch some balls, but the insights gathered are incredibly helpful. This is a very modern approach to becoming a better batter!

5 Best Baseball Batting Trainers 2017

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Trend Sports batting trainer

Trend sports has a simulated batting trainer available that creates a very similar experience to hitting a live ball. Removable and adjustable batting sticks to improve training by developing a level swing. The goal of this batting trainer is to determine the best type of swing style for comfort in all areas of the zone.

It’s the perfect way to improve timing and continued developing a swing that is more controlled. The trainer can be adjusted for baseball or softball training with resilient balls made out of a simulated leather. Rubber bands continue to rotate the ball back to its original position as well as simulate several different pitch speeds to develop timing and contact standards for all types of play. Replacement bands are available and the company also delivers a comprehensive warranty on the product itself.

This is a very useful tool for gaining extra back control especially in the early stages of your baseball career. It can help kids in T ball, help adults in baseball and softball as well as to improve baseball skills by learning how to determine how to hit balls at various speeds and in different locations throughout the zone.

Changing out the bands regularly will ensure that you can continue to receive pitches at the best possible speeds to simulate real play. All the information for set up as well as maintenance and band changing can be found in the instruction book for simple care! Do not neglect this part. You do not want to be surprised by the speed of the pitchers once you play with your team, just because you forgot to change the straps once in a while.


  • Easy to take with you due to weight
  • good price
  • helpful for all ages


  • sometimes the ball does not return to the starting position

Swingaway Pro XXL Traveler

This incredible product from swing away is one of the best ways to continue getting the perfect swing through ongoing repetition. This swing analysis and baseball tool is a similar item that you might see during batting practice in a real MLB game. This hitting station provides ongoing feedback and the same feeling as hitting a live pitch. With resilient elastics and a strong backing this is a swing device that will allow you to capture the feeling of live pitches without having to go run and chase balls.

The ball can be repositioned anywhere in the strike zone to simulate the movement of many different types of pitches. Work on areas where you are struggling and use the map for guidance on the proper contact point. Official training mats will show contact points for every type of pitch and exactly where you should be aiming to hit a pitch in the down the middle location, inside, outside and more. By following both the training mats and swinging with confidence at pitches all over the zone, you can see incredible improvement over time.


  • No need to pick up balls
  • Great for pre-game warm-up
  • Similar trainers are used by the MLB
  • Comes with a SA patented training mat


  • expensive

Blast Baseball 360 Swing Analyzer

Electronic swing analyzers have long been a favorite tool for golf pros so it’s no wonder that many baseball players are now using these types of monitoring tools to compare and analyze their swings over time. This device securely attaches to the knob of any baseball bat displaying metrics on every swing you make during practice.

The proprietary software has mass compatibility with iPad, Apple watch, iPhone and more and the device will transmit all of the user data directly through Bluetooth. Smart video capture is another tool that’s available on this device and you can line up clips of your swing alongside metrics from the bat device to start improving your swing alongside coaches or through drills by yourself. In app training activities can provide you with ongoing drills, insights and tips for improvement.

This is a great gadget. Check out my post about baseball sensors to learn about other baseball sensors, that are helpful for you. You will also lern about the pros and cons of the Blast Sensor.

SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Trainer

The Sklz hit away system is one of the best portable baseball trainers available for all ages. Not only is it reasonably inexpensive but it is able to completely fold away when not in use for practice. This system is ideal for increasing bank power, improving your hand eye coordination as well as your timing and its available for solo use. The trainer works quite well, helping you adjust pitch height to raise or lower the ball. You can change the rhythm as well as the speed of pitching intervals to eventually strengthen your hitting over a long period of time. Many professionals are able to get upwards of 500 swings every hour with this system which is perfect for developing real confidence at the plate.

This is the perfect trainer for improving contact, improving your eye coordination as well as gaining strength over time. Practice the refining your swing and gaining extra confidence in this system is invaluable and it’s quite reasonably priced as well.


  • Great price
  • Beloved product by thousands of buyers
  • Portable
  • Great quality


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SKLZ Hurricane Category 4

The holy grail of baseball batting trainers 2017. This adjustable training tool will make you a much better player. It focuses on improving your hand-eye coordination and hip rotation. The hips are the part in the body, where most of the force is created, so SKLZ is doing everything right here.

Given the price, there is no better swing trainer out there currently in my opinion. The high visibility target is really helpful. It can be used as a static or a dynamic target.

Apart from this, the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 is also easy to transport anywhere you like. You could theoretically improve your swing during a traffic jam!

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