As you most likely already know, there are five types of baseball gloves, each built for the special needs the different positions in baseball have. You do not want to play as an outfielder and wear an infielder’s glove for this, as these positions have distinct differences, which also require different gloves.

In this post I will take a look at the best pitcher’s gloves 2019 to help you improve your game. Let’s first take a look at the general properties a pitcher’s glove 2019 possesses:

Large glove with a closed webbing: This is done, in order to conceal any hand movements the batter could otherwise decipher. You definitely do not want the batter to be able to read the kind of throw you are planning through your glove.

Pitcher’s gloves 2019 are usually around 11.5” to 12” in size. But it of course also depends on personal preference. Some players like even bigger gloves or slightly smaller ones. But most gloves are in the 11.5” to 12” range.

Really comfortable: A pitcher catches balls all game long and has the highest number of catches during a game. This is why these gloves are extremely comfortable.

Light weight: Weight is a huge factor for a pitcher’s glove 2019. Just think about it. You throw a fastball, that is hit back at you by the batter. You want to be able to react fast and catch the ball to throw out the batter. A heavy glove would just slow you down here and hinder you from performing your best. This is also why some high-end field gloves are offered in a light version, to make them attractive for pitchers.

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Lower end (up to $100)

These gloves are good if you started to take the pitching position seriously and want to make this your main position to play. These gloves are better suited for pitching than some kind of utility glove, nevertheless a lot of things are not optimal with these gloves. Even if you have a tight budget, I would suggest to save up a bit more money and investing in a higher end glove that will last you a long time and comes with great features.

Mizuno Franchise 12” Baseball Glove

Material: pre-oiled java leather

Webbing: closed / basket web

Size: 12”

The Mizuno Franchise 12” baseball pitcher’s glove 2019 is made out of pre-oiled java leather and rocks a closed / basket web to hide your hand movements. A big advantage of pre-oiled leather is that this decreases the break in time for a glove massively. This glove is even game ready from the get go. On the other hand side, durability decreases as well compared to other (more expensive) gloves made out of leather that has not been pre-oiled.

Apart from this, this Mizuno pitcher’s glove 2019 of course has a padded palm area, to absorb any impacts by the baseball. What I find really intelligent is the moisture-wicking lining inside the glove. This is meant to pull sweat away from your hands to keep them dry.


  • no break in needed
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • great price
  • closed web to hide hand movements


  • made out of cheap, oil treated leather
  • inferior durability compared to higher end gloves

Rawlings Sandlot 12″ Baseball Glove

Material: full grained oiled shell leather

Webbing: closed / basket web

Size: 12”

Manufactured by one of the finest manufacturers for baseball gloves on the market, this Rawlings Sandlot 12” baseball glove is made from full grained oiled shell leather and features a basket webbing, which is perfect for hiding your hand motions as a pitcher. The patented Zero Shock palm pads offer extra protection when catching a hard hit baseball.

Where Rawlings is one step ahead is with the padded finger back lining to improve the comfort levels.

This glove requires some break in time, which I think is generally a good thing, as it adapts to your hands better than a glove that does not require any break in period. In this case I think it is not too good though, as this is a beginner’s glove and you get fully broken in gloves like the Mizuno Franchise for roughly the same price. I think a cheap glove is not worth the struggle of breaking it in.


  • super comfortable glove
  • features padded finger backs
  • Rawlings is known for great quality
  • great color combination
  • has Zero Shock palm pads


  • no high end leather
  • requires some break in

Rawlings R9 206 12” Baseball Glove

Material: leather

Webbing: two piece web

Size: 12”

Most noticeably, this Rawlings pitcher’s glove 2019 does not have a fully closed / basket webbing, but instead uses a two piece webbing. This is also suitable for pitcher’s gloves, but a closed / basket webbing is definitely a better choice.

Apart from this, the Rawlings R9 205 12” baseball glove has a full leather shell that is durable and game-ready. In this case game-ready means that 80% of the break in is done at the factory, while 20% has to be done by the player.

Of course the palm area of this adult glove is padded, but sadly it does not have the famous Zero Shock palm pads. Still Rawlings has built in the padded finger backs for added comfort.


  • durable all leather shell
  • good entry glove from a well known brand
  • mostly broken in already


  • no Zero Shock palm pads
  • no fully closed / basket webbing

Wilson A1000 1789 11.5″ Baseball Glove

Material: full grain leather with leather lining

Webbing: T-Web

Size: 11.5”

The Wilson A1000 1789 11.5” baseball glove is the smallest glove in the lower end category. Apart from being the smallest glove, it also has a distinctly different webbing, which is not really suited for pitching as it is a really open webbing. If the batter is able to spot hand movements is a different question, but Wilson could have used a different and more suitable webbing here.

Apart from the suboptimal webbing, this pitcher’s glove 2019 is a bang for the buck. It is made from full grain leather and features high quality leather lining, with the super durable rawhide laces used to keep the glove shape longer and by this increase its durability.

Nevertheless this glove is optimized for faster break-in, which comes in handy for impatient people like myself.

Moreover, this black and grey baseball glove just looks badass.


  • looks super badass
  • rawhide laces to keep the glove shape longer and increases durability
  • made from full grain leather


  • suboptimal webbing for pitchers
  • small glove (but this is personal preference)

Middle class ($200 to $270)

These gloves are not the best ones you can buy, but they are incredible nevertheless. In general a high tier leather is used here, which allows for great comfort and long lasting durability at the same time.

These gloves are the ones you should look at, if you do not have a ton of money to spend, but you still want a great quality baseball glove, that will last you a long time. Buying one of these gloves does not come cheap, but it is an investment.

Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75″ Baseball Glove

Material: Premium Grade Leather

Webbing: Modified Trap Web

Size: 11.75”

I know, Under Armour is more famous for sponsoring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and being worn by big, muscular badass military guys. Nevertheless the company decided to enter the baseball glove market with the Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75” Baseball Glove designed for pitchers.

This pitcher’s glove 2019 is made from premium grade leather and also features leather palm lining for increased comfort and increased durability, as this keeps the glove in shape.

The Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75″ Baseball Glove has an open back which allows for a lot wrist action, which is perfect for pitchers. Sadly Under Armour used a modified trap web on this glove, which is suboptimal, as it is an open web and allows the batter to possibly spot any hand action going on.


  • premium grade leather for long lasting fun
  • features leather lining for increased durability
  • open back allows for a lot of wrist action


  • Under Armour is not well known in the baseball scene
  • open web used

Mizuno Pro Select 12” Baseball Glove

Material: top quality US steerhide leather

Webbing: Tartan web

Size: 12

First things first: This pitcher’s glove 2019 is the bomb. And it is not manufactured by Wilson or Rawlings, but by Mizuno.

The Mizuno Pro Select 12” Baseball Glove is a great bang for your buck. It is made from top quality US steerhide leather, which is comfortable and really durable.

Same as the UA glove reviewed above, this Mizuno glove also features leather lining to hold the glove form for a long time.

Another comfort feature is, that the index finger is heavily padded as well as the thumb area. This is done for additional comfort of course, but also as a safety measure and a way to improve the fit of the glove.

The deep pocket combined with an open back and a closed Tartan webbing make this glove perfect for anyone who takes pitching seriously.


  • 1-Year warranty
  • open back with a deep pocket and a closed webbing
  • high quality leather to increase the lifespan of the glove
  • padded index finger and thumb area for increased comfort and better fit
  • great price for a high quality glove


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Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 205 11.75”Baseball Glove

Material: steerhide leather

Webbing: 2-piece webbing

Size: 11.75”

The Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 205 11.75”Baseball Glove is an incredible glove for every advanced or professional pitcher.

This pitcher’s glove 2019 is created from the top 5% of the available steerhide leather at the Rawlings factory. Rawlings also uses pro grade leather laces to increase the durability and comfort of this glove even more.

As with all high quality gloves this baseball glove features a padded thumb sleeve for comfort and protection. The closed 2-piece webbing gives the batter no chance to spot any hand movements, what makes this glove perfectly suitable for pitching.

Most interestingly this glove is only broken in 40% by the factory. 60% of the break-in is required to be done by the player. This is great for such a high quality glove, as it allows for a more personalized break-in and allows this glove to really adapt to the player’s hand. Combined with the steerhide leather, which is really stiff in the beginning but becomes soft with usage and then adapts to your hand perfectly, this glove does everything right.

Personal opinion here, but I also love the old school look of this particular baseball glove.


  • high quality leather for great durability and protection
  • most of the break-in has to be done by the player
  • closed webbing with an open back is perfect for pitching
  • 1-Year warranty
  • old school look


  • this particular glove is just available in 11.75”

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin B212 12″ Baseball Glove

Material: Wilson Pro Stock leather

Webbing: Two-piece closed web

Size: 12”

This glove gives the right balance between durability and feel. This is because of Wilson’s famous Pro Stock leather, which is durable but also offers the right amount of softness. It makes the glove strong and sturdy, but also lightweight and comfortable at the same time.

Wilson generally uses thinner, high quality laces in order to allow the glove to function properly. Thick laces can prevent the glove from folding perfectly during a catch, which in turn leads to worse control.

The Wilson A2000 SuperSkin B212 12″ Baseball Glove features an open back and a closed two-piece web design, which is the perfect combination for any pitcher out there.

Wilson also used its known dual welding process on this glove, which allows for a quicker break-in and a durable pocket.

Fun fact: Wilson used super skin with this pitcher’s glove 2019. Super skin was developed by accident, as it was originally used on basketballs, but then tried on baseball gloves.

The only negative thing with this glove is probably the look of it. But this is personal and one cannot really argue about taste.


  • 1 year guarantee
  • Wilson Pro Stock leather is used
  • closed webbing with an open back
  • thin laces used to allow for perfect folding while catching the ball


  • the looks maybe…

Higher end (starting from $300)

This is a collection of the best of the best on the market for baseball gloves especially suited for pitchers. These gloves start at $360, but the quality is incredible. Just the finest kinds of leathers are used for these gloves, as they are developed to withstand the wear and tear that MLB players put on them.

These gloves are not cheap by any means, but again, see it as an investment. What is good enough for Clayton Kershaw should also be sufficient for you.

Mizuno Pro 12″ Baseball Glove

Material: Highest grad US kip leather

Webbing: Tartan web

Size: 12”

The Mizuno Pro 12″ Baseball Glove is made from US kip leather. Kip leather is actually considered to be the best kind of leather for baseball gloves, as it is very soft but still incredibly durable. This means that the gloves are easier to break in, but still last a long time if you take care of them.

This special model manufactured by Mizuno actually only uses tight kip leather fibers, in order to increase durability even more.

This glove also features a deep pocket and a closed tartan webbing, which is perfect for pitcher’s needs.

Of course this glove features all the best quality padding and lining that Mizuno has to offer.

The possible only downside to this glove is its color. The light tan color will get dirty super quick, so if you want to have your equipment looking neat all the time, this glove is not for you.


  • features the best possible leather for a baseball glove
  • very comfortable but also long lasting
  • easy to break in, because of the US kip leather that is used
  • perfect combination of a closed web and a deep pocket


  • will get dirty super fast

Wilson A2K Superskin D33 11.75″ Baseball Glove

Material: Wilson Pro Stock leather

Webbing: Closed lace web

Size: 11.75”

In terms of features this glove is really similar to the Wilson A2000 SuperSkin B212 12″ baseball glove.

Except for the webbing (this glove uses a laced webbing, while the cheaper version uses a solid web) and the slight difference in size, the gloves have the same features.

The Wilson A2K Superskin D33 11.75″ baseball glove is also made from Wilson Pro Stock leather, which gives the right combination between durability and feel.

I could copy the text above now, as there is really no difference between these gloves. The interesting part though is, that the cheaper version has a better suited webbing and is $100 cheaper…

Not really sure what Wilson’s idea was here.


  • 1 year guarantee
  • Wilson Pro Stock leather is used
  • closed webbing with an open back
  • thin laces used to allow for perfect folding while catching the ball


  • why is this glove $100 more expensive than the Wilson A2000 SuperSkin B212 12″ Baseball Glove? Wilson please explain.

Rawlings Gold Glove 205 11.75″ Baseball Glove

Material: highest grade kip leather

Webbing: Modified trapeze web

Size: 11.75”

I am actually speechless here, because this glove is probably the best one you can buy. Rawlings literally considered everything that is important for a pitcher.

The Rawlings Gold Glove series is the highest quality that Rawlings offers. Of course they used the highest grade kip leather for the glove. This is the best kind of leather, as it is incredibly soft and durable at the same time.

But Rawlings figured that, even though kip leather is the best kind of leather for the finger and palm area, a sturdier leather is better suited for the laces. This is why Rawlings used rawhide leather for the laces with this pitcher’s glove 2019. At first glance this might seem like a lower quality leather, but it is the best leather available for laces, as it adds a lot of strength, which increases the durability of the glove.

The pocket is padded with wool only, which makes for great comfort and feel at the same time. Combined with the calfskin leather linings, which are used to wick away any sweat around the hand area, this has been a genius move by Rawlings.

Breaking in this glove will take some time, as it only has a 30% break-in rating from the factory. As you have probably figured now, this is a good thing for high end gloves, as it ensures that this high priced piece of equipment really fits you as an individual.

A cool little detail is, that this glove comes with an individual serial number, that identifies the date it was created and makes it even more individual.

Of course Rawlings used a closed webbing and an open back with this glove. Seems like there is nothing wrong with this glove, as it even looks super cool with the black and gold.


  • everything


  • still searching for something that is wrong with this glove

Mizuno Pro Limited Edition 12″ Baseball Glove

Material: Northern European kip leather

Webbing: Tartan webbing

Size: 12”

This handcrafted glove features Northern European kip leather, that has been conditioned through a proprietary process developed by Mizuno. Mizuno made sure to use tight fibred kip leather for this glove, as it should be the standard with gloves in this price range.

Of course this glove features a closed web design to hinder the batter from spotting your hand movements.

Now comes the cool thing with this glove: Mizuno offers a one time free reconditioning, which restores the glove to its original condition. So you are basically buying two gloves for the price of one here.

Good move Mizuno!


  • made from Northern European kip leather
  • closed Tartan web design combined with an open back for a lot of wrist action
  • on time free reconditioning by Mizuno
    • get two gloves for the price of one


  • looks boring

So that’s it. I hope this review helped you while searching for your perfect pitcher’s glove 2019.

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