In my opinion an outfielder plays on one of the most important positions in the game. Why is that you ask? Well out there in the outfield it is either a home run or a strike out. A great outfield player with good catching skills and a great outfield glove 2019 can be a real pain in the a** for the offensive team.

Even if the outfield player does not get to catch a lot of ball out of the air directly, he has to scoop up balls from the ground and throw them to an infielder as fast as possible.

These players have a lot of responsibility for the result of the game.

In order to maximize your performance on the field, you should not have to worry about your equipment but instead you should keep your eyes on the ball at all time.

This is why I checked the best outfield gloves in order to help you find a piece of equipment that you can fully trust.  

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Let’s first take a look at the general properties of an outfield glove:

Large Pocket Size:As we know an outfielder needs to field and catch fly balls, these gloves have a large pocket size to facilities that. In addition to the large size, the pockets of the outfield gloves are deeper to prevent the ball from popping out of the glove.

Glove Size:The normal size range varies between 12” to 12.75”. However, the size may differ depending upon your age group and league.

Support:The speed of the flying balls has a high impact on the hand and can cause serious damage to to your hand when catching the ball. Therefore, the outfield gloves have extra support in the palm and fingers area in order to protect you from injuries.

Webbing: else there is toOutfield gloves are made for diving catches or to catch fly balls. Therefore, the most preferred webbings of the outfields are the trapeze webbing and H-web.

The trapeze webbings are deeper and close faster than other types of webbings, giving you an advantage in squeezing the ball faster upon catching to prevent it from popping out of the glove.

The H-web design provides a sturdy and flexible structure to the glove. Moreover, the design of the H-web is such that you can see through the webbing to catch fly balls.

Lower End (up to $100)

These gloves are the cheapest ones out there. If you consider playing baseball but you are not sure if it will turn into a life-long passion of yours (trust me, it will), these gloves are great, because of their cheap price point.

Apart from the cheap price point, these gloves have nearly nothing going for them. The material used is not of great quality and I would really consider spending more money on a higher tier piece of equipment.

Easton Blackstone 12.75″ Baseball Glove

Material: Cowhide Leather

Webbing: Dual Bar Web

Size: 12.75”

Whether it is about scooping throws over to first or about snagging the ball in the outfield, the cowhide leather makes this glove light in weight and easy to handle.

This outfield glove 2019 has a very soothing interior that gives a good feel for the ball when it resides inside the pocket. The leather palm is supple and soft that readily absorbs the effect of line drives when coming straight from the bat.

The Easton Blackstone 12.75” baseball glove is well-designed for you to win. It has a 12.75” opening, rawhide leather laces, a conventional open back, and a dual bar web design. During close plays, to prevent the ball from escaping, the dual bar web design creates a good stretchable surface that makes a secure pocket. The extra push lining keeps the wrist protected from rubbing.

This outfield glove 2019 is durable enough to keep up to the rigors of the season.

Mizuno MVP Prime Future 12.75″ Baseball Glove

Material: Bio-Soft Leather

Webbing: Shock 2 web

Size: 12.75”

Over 200 professional baseball players and plenty of amateur players are prioritizing the MVP Prime series and other Mizuno models. Affordable in price, you will get a high-quality outfield glove 2019.

Mizuno MVP Prime is made up of professional leather that has the perfect combination of softness and oil for a great feel. It is one of the most durable gloves while simultaneously giving a firm feel. It requires a little break-in period but will hold its shape afterwards perfectly.

For the most specific and functional break-in, the pocket of this outfield glove 2019 is placed below the index finger through center pocket design. Like other Mizuno patterns, this also gives the same professional pace and offers a new wrist design that makes it fit your wrist perfectly.

This glove is a perfect choice for a beginning outfielder. It is designed to make you feel fresh and comfortable for a winning game.

Rawlings R9 3029 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Durable All Leather

Webbing: Pro H Web

Size: 12.75”

Rawlings has introduced this new Baseball Glove in 2019 for all those who are looking to find the best outfield glove 2019. Priced at under 100$, the R9 series of Baseball Gloves is the best choice.

The Rawlings R9 3029 glove is soft, with a durable all-leather shell. The glove is almost game ready when you buy it. You don’t have to spend time breaking in the glove. For added comfort, it features padded thumb loops and finger back liners.

Rawlings says that it is the finest outfield glove 2019 in the field. It has a deep pocket and wide width. The web pattern is designed to allow you to track the ball while running for a keen defensive performance.

Wilson A1000 KP92 12.5” Baseball Glove

Material: Full Grain Leather

Webbing: Pro Laced T Web

Size: 12.5”

Do you want to look and feel like a Big Leaguer? Then Wilson Baseball Gloves are meant for you. No matter what age you are and what your skills level is, these gloves are designed to make you feel like a pro.

The A1000, also known as A1K, is the perfect choice for you, if you are on a limited budget. This glove is made of high-quality material and offers a soft game ready feel.

This outfield glove 2019 is hand-designed and is produced with attention to detail in such a way that it has virtually no break-in period. If you are an outfielder who wants to cover more ground, then this glove is perfect for you.

Rawlings Gamer XLE 302 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Top Great Leather

Webbing: Pro H Web

Size: 12.75”

Add some flair to your game while maximizing your defense using this glove. Wearing this glove will add style to your game in the field with its bright and bold pro soft leather shell.

The Rawlings Gamer XLE glove is made with full-grain soft leather taken from highest grade materials. This outfield glove 2019 gives you a comfortable feel through its all-leather palm and finger back linings. Moreover, there is a dual-core technology associated with it which gives specific breakpoints inside the inner palm lining in order to give custom shaped gear to the person wearing them.

If you want to have minimal break-in time with quality then this glove is for you. It offers great durability and support.

Middle Class ($200 to $300)

Personally this is my favorite category. The gloves in here are not professional grade ones, but are suitable for everybody who takes baseball seriously and wants to have a piece of equipment, that will perform under any circumstance.

Even though these gloves are not the high end ones, they are very close. In general these gloves need quite some breaking-in, which will result in a glove that is perfectly molded to your hand.

See these gloves as a companion that will serve you for a lot of years, rather than just a piece of equipment.  

Mizuno Pro Select 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Steerhide Leather

Webbing: Shock 2 Web

Size: 12.75”

When you are on your way to a great career, Mizuno baseball gloves are a good choice. Mizuno has over 110 years of experience in this industry and this company knows very well what it takes to manufacture a high-quality glove that makes your day the winning day.

This outfield glove 2019 offers a secure fit for your hand with added protection and comfort by using steer soft elite palm lining with a padded thumb slot. The player pocket design and the hand based pattern structure makes this model a perfect fit for a pro.

The pocket design of the Mizuno Pro Select glove sets to the need of every hand whether you require a regular, shallow, or a deep pocket. The hand based pattern helps place the pocket right under the web making it easy to break-in the glove perfectly.

It has an index finger web that gives added protection. This model is the right choice for outfielders.

Marucci Honor The Game 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Grade Steerhide Shell Leather

Webbing: T Web

Size: 12.75”

The Marucci Honor The Game baseball glove exudes grit, tenacity, and greatness all compiled into one. The ultimate game-ready glove with a minimal break-in time required, this glove provides the best defensive potential to players that take their performance seriously.

With a great overall look, the Marucci Honor glove offers great durability , because of the A-Grade steerhide leather construction. Through a keenly and skillfully handcrafted design that fits each player perfectly, this glove surely fulfills the demand of high profile players thus giving them the perfect equipment for a winning game.

This outfield glove 2019 will surely improve your performance and help you perform better.

Wilson A2000 KP92 12.5” Baseball Gloves

Material: Pro Stock Select Leather

Webbing: Pro Laced T Web

Size: 12.75”

Wilson A2000 is the premium model from Wilson. The glove is known for its consistency, flawlessness, and quality.

All well-designed features of A2K work in the best way together and give the core benefit of breaking in without breaking down. The design technique is based on handcrafting that makes it the best glove in the market for your game.

The leather used in the glove is preferred by the professional players. It has an updated flat finger for a comfortable feel while fielding line drives, grounders and fly balls. It protects your fingers while catching the ball. The Pro Laced T web pattern and the deep pocket allow you to control everything from the fly balls to the ground balls. The leather gives an unmatched feel and rugged durability.

Easton Pro Delino DeShields F78DD 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Steerhide Leather

Webbing: Six-finger Trap

Size: 12.75”

This professional series glove is a perfect combination of high-quality leather and elite craftsmanship. It is used and preferred by pros.

Ever since 1922, Easton has been continuously improving their designs every year. Each of their models is handcrafted with smooth cowhide palm lining and steerhide leather and has increased pocket durability with the help of specific professional patterns with rawhide laces.

When the ground ball is out of reach and you are an elite fielder then the Pro Delino glove is best for you. The most appropriate pocket depth and the outfield pattern makes this the perfect gloves for many years. This glove also has a commendable sheep wool shearling fur wrist liner to keep your hands dry and help you perform at your best.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Bryce Harper Gameday 13” Baseball Glove

Material: Steerhide Leather

Webbing: Pro H Web Design

Size: 13”

If you want to stand out in the crowd the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Bryce Harper Gameday is best suited for you. This model is extremely rare and has a high quality. For extra protection, safety, and optimized comfort, this glove has padded thumb loops, padded palms, and plush full-grain finger back lining.

Rawlings is well known in the market because they use the best steerhide leather that makes you feel comfortable. The leather gives the glove the best shape, durability, and strength.

You will be getting a lot more comfort along with a reliable and protective baseball outfield glove 2019. This glove has 40% factory break in which saves your time just like with other elite gloves. This model is best for adult outfielders who want to go the extra step.

Higher End (More than $300)

This is the crème de la crème when it comes to baseball gloves and the ones you see used by the most famous MLB players. Most of them are made from kip leather, which is the best leather available for baseball gloves. Kip leather offers a lot of durability, but a much nicer and softer feel than steerhide leather or cowhide leather for example.

Kip leather needs some time to be fully broken in (not nearly as much as steerhide leather though), but then it becomes super soft and will mold to your hand perfectly. You will most likely never want to let go of these gloves.

Under Armour Flawless 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Premium steerhide leather

Webbing: H Web Design

Size: 12.75”

This Under Armour glove is made out of the top 5% Japanese tanned steerhide leather. Rolled leather welting was used for soft hand feel and unmatched durability. The world class Pittard’s palm lining enhances the feel and the premium grade tanned lacing adds to the strength and support of the glove.

Known for its quality products, Under Armour enters the baseball glove market with this high-end glove. The Under Armour Flawless 12.75” glove features a sturdy H-web design which makes it a great choice for outfielders looking to take their defensive performance to new heights.

Mizuno Pro 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: US Kip Leather

Webbing: Shock 2 web design

Size: 12.75”

Mizuno pro baseball gloves are used and trusted by thousands of players around the globe for their performance. These gloves offer a great soft feel, long-lasting structure, and tighter fibers that are much better in comparison with the other elite gloves. This is all because of the US Kip Leather.

The palm liner on the inside of this model is made up of very high-quality leather and the same leather is used on the outer shell to provide durability and consistency.

The player pocket design and the hand based pattern are the things that keep this series apart from others. These hand based patterns let you break-in the glove perfectly without any failure. This model is perfect for the elite and adult outfielders.

Wilson A2K Superskin Mookie Betts Game Model 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Pro Stock Select Leather

Webbing: Dual Post Web

Size: 12.75”

Wilson has the master craftsmanship and due to it, this glove has the patterns that last longer with a good look. A2K is ruling the market really well and the reason is that this glove is flawless and consistent in performance.

The leather used in the making of the model is selected after the process of detailed sorting. Wilson provides a perfect overall pocket formation and stability to the glove through its technique of rolled dual welting. Also, the glove has the feature of double palm construction. Extra defensive protection and stability are provided by placing a thin piece of leather between the palm liner and outer shell.

Wilson and their experts make sure that the glove breaks in quickly and they do it by shaping the glove by hand. Every single baseball glove is given proper interest and time.

Rawlings Pro Preferred Mike Trout 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Full Grain Kip Leather

Webbing: Trapeze web design

Size: 12.75”

Your eyes often get fixed on the glove your favorite player is wearing. Rawlings offers a perfect pattern design for the elite players. Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves are well known for their long-lasting performance, better looks, full-grain kip leather, and an easy break-in procedure. Due to their high-quality components and professional patterns, players of every age have relied on these pro gloves every season.

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Mike Trout has a great unmatched feel and optimized fit due to the addition of deer touch finger back linings inside it.

The glove retains its shape for a long time and the pockets are formed easily because of the 100% water resistant wool padding. The disturbing moisture is readily taken away by classic Pittards sheepskin palm lining. Because this model is of larger size and has six finger web, it is well suited for adult outfielders.

Rawlings Gold Glove 3039 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: European kip Leather

Webbing: Pro H web pattern

Size: 12.75”

The Rawlings Gold glove series with the Opti-Core Technology is designed to give you the ultimate stability, playability, and great feel. This glove is designed with perfect patterns. It is a complete fit for elite players as it is made of European kip leather which itself is very popular for a supple feel and the long-lasting durability. This glove was designed with ultra-premium design patterns and hand-sewn welting.

The Rawlings Gold Glove is cut, assembled, sewn, produced from the very start till the end by a single craftsman. Each glove carries a serial number dedicated to its maker. Also, each glove’s production date and production number is mentioned on it. The glove is crafted from the finest leather and the best-selected materials after a thorough sorting process.

The Rawlings Gold Glove 3039 helps you enhance your gameplay and make your defensive performances better than yesterday.

Mizuno Pro Limited Edition 12.75” Baseball Glove

Material: Kip Leather

Webbing: Ichiro web

Size: 12.75”

Mizuno has been making gloves for the professional players for many years and they launch something new and exciting every season. Each of the gloves at Mizuno is handcrafted by their expert glove masters.

Mizuno is the only glove manufacturing company that offers to repair and to recondition their high end gloves once in a lifetime. That means that you basically buy two gloves here. Once you feel like the glove is in a good condition anymore, send it to Mizuno and they will refurbish it. FOR FREE!

The Pro Limited Edition of the Mizuno is constructed out of perfectly conditioned kip leather that makes it stronger than the previous models. This glove has roll welting that provides clear look and fingers stability.

The kip leather used in this glove is impeccably conditioned and hand-selected which makes this glove the best in the world.

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