Best pitcher’s glove 2019

As you most likely already know, there are five types of baseball gloves, each built for the special needs the different positions in baseball have. You do not want to play as an outfielder and wear an infielder’s glove for this, as these positions have distinct differences, which also require different gloves. In this post […]

The best catcher’s mitts of 2019

For baseball aficionados like you, I have divided the list into three sections. The lower-end catcher’s mitt 2019 variants come first, followed by the budget option, and then the high-end mitts section completes the list. Catcher’s mitt 2019 models are distinctively different from all other baseball gloves out there. More often they are called catcher’s […]

All the reasons why baseball players earn so much money

Time for a guessing game. Out of the 20 highest paid sports contracts in terms of contract value, where does baseball players salary rank? What do you think? Maybe 15%? I mean football players also earn a lot of money. And let’s not forget basketball. LeBron signed a $153 million deal with the LA Lakers […]